Staff Directory

484-5341 Main Mumber Courthouse
321 Alan Watkins Administrator’s Office
323 Julie Stokes Administrator’s Office
362 Clarence Caudill Assessor’s Office
354 Helen Hancock Assessor’s Office
369 Carolyn Scott Assessor’s Office
355 Dianne Boykin Assessor’s Office
379 Chuck Nunnery Assessor’s Office
329 Cecil Stevens Auditor’s Office
313 Bernis Hannibal Auditor’s Office
328 Marchelle Bradley Auditor’s Office
375 June Stevens Auditor’s Office
484-4485 Main Number Clerk of Court
484-4742 Main Number Clerk of Court
484-4516 Main Number Clerk of Court
484-6792 Main Number Clerk of Court
376 Presiding Judge Clerk of Court
380 Law Clerk Clerk of Court
317 Fan CT Judge Clerk of Court
331 Teresa Brown Clerk of Court
315 Caroline Mehm Clerk of Court Criminal
334 Cheryl Watkins Clerk of Court Civil
316 Jackie Howard Clerk of Court Family Court
337 Records Room Clerk of Court Records
333 Kay Elmore Clerk of Court Registar of Deeds
378 Loretta Asher Clerk of Court Registar of Deeds
484-5274 MainNumber EMD/ Fire Department
501 Mike Bedenbaugh EMD / Fire Department
502 Brandon Holloman EMD / Fire Department
322 Connie Brown Finance
342 Sherry Kerr Finance/Human Resources
314 Ruth Myers Finance/Accounts Payable
484-6463 Main Number Magistrate Office / Central Court
415 Magistrate Office/ Central Court Civil
416 Yvette Bradley Magistrate Office/ Central Court Traffic
417 Ruth Edwards Magistrate Office/ Central Court Traffic
419 Shirley Davidson  Magistrate Judge
421 Rachel Fields Magistrate Office/ Central Court Warrants
420 Judge Main Magistrate Office/ Central Court
422 Court Room Magistrate Office/ Central Court
423 Officer Ticket Room Magistrate Office/ Central Court
424 Bond Room Magistrate Office/ Central Court
419 Judge Magistrate Office/ Central Court
428 Front Desk Magistrate Office/ Central Court Traffic
341 Brian Bradt Maintenance
306 Arlene Samuels Planning/ Zoning/Build Inspector
338 Michael Davis Probate Court
339 Jennie Darity Probate Court
361 Virginia Little Probate Court
344 Rosalie Hyatt Probation and Parole
350 Bill White Probation and Parole
317 Robbie Weeks Probation and Parole
 349  Luke Gainey  Probation and Parole
343 Susan Alderman Probation and Parole
430 Gloria Torres Sheriff’s Office Civil
403 Adrian Walker Sheriff’s Office Victims Advocate
401 Kay Arrants Sheriff’s Office Warrants
381 Jeri Thompson Solicitor’s Office
377 Paul Fata Solicitor’s Office
348 Nicole Simon Solicitor’s Office
393 John Gentry Solicitor’s Office
327 Wayne Capell Treasurer’s Office
363 Lisa Baker Treasurer’s Office
372 Misty Sims Treasurer’s Office
325 Shirley Dixon Treasurer’s Office
326 Judy Boykin Treasurer’s Office
803-484-1832 Stan Barnhill Voter Registration and Elections
803-483-1602 Seasonal Employee Voter Registration and Elections