FEBRUARY 22, 2018

Members present were Travis Windham, Chairman; Gordon Eckley, Vice-Chairman; David Addison, member; Jackie Josey, member; Johnette Caughman, member; Ron Fountain, member; Alan Watkins, Administrator; Julie Stokes, Assistant Administrator/Clerk to Council; Alexander Boyd, Mayor; Gregg McCutchen, City Administrator; Hannah Parlor, Municipal Clerk; Willie Mae Muldrow, member; Deanna Rollins, member; Edward Byrd, member; Retta Tindal, member; Gloria Lewis, member; Ennis Bryant, member.


 Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, all individuals requesting notifications were so notified.

Chairman Windham welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.   Gregg McCutchen gave the invocation.

Lunch was served to everyone.

Chairman Windham introduced his Council and staff. Mayor Alexander Boyd introduced his Council and staff.

Mr. Watkins briefed the Councils on the role of the LINK in promoting Lee County and reviewed the investments in the industrial parks. He briefed the Councils on the infrastructure needs for future growth and also discussed the potential for constructing another spec building.

Mr. Watkins discussed the current projects underway: (1) Martech Expansion (2) South Atlantic Canners (3) Crowne Healthcare Laundry Services (4) Carolina Metal Finishing (5) Solar Investment.

Ennis Bryant suggested that the City and County take the bus to tour the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center in Sumter.

Mayor Alexander thanked Alan for briefing and updating everyone on economic development and the parks.

Mayor Alexander then said that the flooring/carpeting in the City/County Complex needed to be replaced.

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 The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 p.m.

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